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random ficness I found...

Wow it's been too quiet in here. I found some random snippet of a random AU I was dreaming up a couple of years ago. Anyway the basic and very weak premise was Carson and Radek being gumshoes in the 1940s. All I ever wrote was this bit of Beckett/Cadman fun. Laura is, of course, something of a femme fatale. It's PG-13. :D

Laura had that look to her eyes again and Carson knew it wouldn’t be long before she made her intentions obvious. Delicately setting her hat next to his on the stand, she offered him a luscious smile. She sauntered to his desk and leaned over to stare right into his eyes.

“I didn’t expect to see you here, love,” he stated neutrally, but couldn’t keep the smile from his face.

Next to go was her fur coat, but she wouldn’t simply shrug off something like that. Laura folded it across his work and immediately scolded him for keeping his newspaper too close to it. Carson knew he shouldn’t let her distract him like this – after all, it was her little games that nearly cost him his life a few months ago. She moved around to sit on his desk, giving him a demanding pout.

He insisted, “I need to get this done by tonight, and I’m already making slow progress. Don’t give me that look.”

“I’ll put the spring back into your step,” Laura purred.

“Aye, I’m sure that you will, but not right now.”

Observing her with one eye, Carson was certain her dress was an inch shorter than she usually wore. He heard her shoes drop to the floor in one solid clunk. He bent over to pick them up and was rewarded with a foot making slow circles on his shoulder. Sitting up abruptly, he shot her a stern glance.

Laura sighed. “You’re being frightfully dull, Carson. And you’re just too tense. I’m tired of waiting for you to come to my door. Surely you need to release…” She paused and winked. “…some tension.”

Two steps later and after surprisingly few protests, Laura was straddling his lap and planting kisses along his jaw. Carson knew it was useless to cast his eyes over his paperwork now, especially with her making those small rocking movements against him. It would be absolutely impossible to make the distance to the unlocked door and to secure the office for a while.

She hooked a finger into his tie and loosened it, tossing it over his shoulder towards the window. As she swooped in for a kiss, Carson couldn’t resist catching his fingers on the zipper running down the back of her dress.

“We really should get married, lass…” he gasped as she worked on the buttons of his shirt.

“You said that last time, but did you mean it?”

Carson drew back from her kiss to frown at her. He snapped, “Of course I bloody meant it. I need to make an honest woman of you.”

This train of thought didn’t last long as her dress slipped to bunch around her stomach. She was a feast to the eyes and she knew it. Laura leaned in for a searing kiss, sliding her fingers through his hair. Carson fumbled to remove his now unbuttoned shirt but she moved her lips to the sensitive spot on his throat. He closed his eyes, trying to suppress a moan.

So distracted was he that he almost didn’t notice the creak of the door opening. Carson’s eyes shot open and he tried pulling Laura’s dress back over her shoulder. He was too slow – something Radek Zelenka told him he’d get killed for. And it was that man who appeared at the door, mouth hanging open.

The Czechoslovakian cleared his throat awkwardly. “Hello Laura. I’ll…come by later with the files you wanted, Carson.”

Radek locked the door on his way out. Laura breathed a giggle into her victim’s ear and robbed him of his shirt. The interruption had jolted Carson’s senses and he grasped her hands, gazing at her tenderly.

“I’m not just spouting marriage for the sake of it,” he told her seriously. “I love you, Laura. I want to have wee lads and lasses with you.”

“You what?”

He repeated nervously, “I love you.”

Upstairs, Rodney McKay’s piano started thrumming a melancholy tune. That same song had been wafting through the ceiling for days but this time it sounded more like a funeral march. Laura sprang off his lap and hastily started zipping her dress up. Senseless words of apology tumbled out of Carson’s mouth, but that didn’t stop her slamming her feet into her shoes and snatching her fur coat.

Before he could find a single proper thing to say to her, Laura was gone. He found his shirt and carefully buttoned it up, forehead creasing as he tried to figure out why she had reacted so badly to his feelings.

“Just lovely,” Carson said gloomily, realising he couldn’t work without Radek’s files and he certainly couldn’t keep his mind on things in the state she had left him.

The tie could wait, he decided, strolling to the door to glance quickly outside to make sure Laura wasn’t there. His eyes landed on the hat she had left behind. He smiled to himself and murmured, “You’ll be back, lass, won’t you?”
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