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Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman
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Welcome to the Beckett/Cadman shippers community. I've finally gotten around to making this place look a little better and we've been doing a lot better now. Were still small but blame TPTB for not giving us more Beckett/Cadman stuff to go off of :P From the minions members, mods and myself welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay here :)

Rules: Yeah yeah I know, I don't like it either but y'know if we didn't have them theres always going to be that one person who ruins it for everyone so they have to be here.
1. I'm fine with whatever you guys want to post and such and as far as off topicness goes during discussions, it's cool lets just not go all out though
2. Fould words are alright but lets not overdo it because not everyone of us is "old" and we may have some younger ones lurking here or joined here. Also some may take offense to it.
3. Flames are a no no. I'm all open for debates or discussions but no getting personal and crossing the line.
4. If your posting an NC-17 or an R rated fic please give us a warning so that people who don't like that sorta thing won't happen across it
5. Please don't run with scissors ;)

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